Alphanosos deploys its technology on the Covid19 front

Alphanosos is a French Green-Health DeepTech company, specialized in the research of new innovative treatments. The company has developed proprietary artificial intelligence to elaborate, from aqueous botanical extracts, highly effective products against viruses, bacteria or cancer cells. This innovative approach tackles the most resistant pathologies thanks to its active ingredients, capable of unbalancing and eliminating the pathogenic target without impairing the host.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to identify among 1040 mixing possibilities of 1000 plants preselected for their safety, the one mix that will act against the pathogen target but not against the host organism. The target is thus subjected to massive perturbations by a large number of highly diverse molecules, each at low dosage but acting together to empirically obtain the desired effect on the target organism. This is the principle of multitherapy “raised to the power of 10”.

This approach has already demonstrated its effectiveness with in vitro experiments on Staphylococcus aureus, which is multi-resistant to powerful antibiotics. This activity has been confirmed with in vivo tests by achieving 100% survival of treated mice versus 100% mortality of untreated mice after induced sepsis.

Today, Alphanosos discovered an effective product against SARS-Cov2. Without toxic risk, affordable, easy to manufacture and supported by convincing In Vitro and on mice In Vivo research results, this product brings a breakthrough innovation in the fight against COVID19.
Developed from common edible plants, the non-toxic and easy-to-produce W17P4690 will enter animal testing mid-February. A clinical study is envisaged for March for a product available in May.
The company Alphanosos is now looking for support to finalize its development and accelerate its contribution to controlling the COVID19 crisis.


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