Year of creation: 2017
Status: simplified joint stock company
Workforce: 26
% of the turnover dedicated to R&D : n/a
Number of patents: n/a

Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
4 rue Marie Curie
63360 Saint-Beauzire

Laure Prevault Osmani
Email :

Sabi Agri

Design and manufacture of robotic and electric agricultural equipment for agroecology.

SABI AGRI is an agro-ecological engineering company that designs, manufactures and markets high-performance electric robotic agricultural equipment.

With its innovative products, SABI AGRI completely redefines the face of agricultural machinery. Indeed, the company has entirely rethought the architecture of traditional tractors with its range of POM and ALPO electric tractors.
These electric tractors directly replace low-powered thermal tractors by performing all agricultural operations required for high value-added crops on small surfaces (market gardening, viticulture, arboriculture, PPAM, specialized crops, etc.).

SABI AGRI has characterized “The right agronomic power”. This means: using only the energy strictly necessary to produce a foodstuff. This allows them to offer an exceptional energy sobriety by reducing by 10 the need for energy!

Thus, SABI AGRI meets the triple performance for sustainable agriculture:

  • environmental (zero CO2, energy sobriety, soil preservation, facilitating the implementation of agroecological practices),
  • economic (exceptional profitability and versatility, with an 87% reduction in operating costs),
  • social (reduction of the drudgery).