As part of the group Pileje, 3I Nature is becoming Pileje Industrie

As industrial experts and specialists in botanicals for 30 years, 3i nature can develop, manufacture and package products in dry and liquid form for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets both in Europe and worldwide.
At the heart of the Groupe PiLeJe for 18 years, 3i nature have been developing industrial expertise. Serving the group and many clients, they strive to satisfy health needs with safe, stable, original and efficient solutions.
As it takes its new name, 3I nature wants its customers to benefit from the entire Group’s expertise and know-how and re-affirms its commitment to excellence.
The Groupe PiLeJe has been developing new concepts, new ingredients and new galenics to serve health professionals and their patients, for health care founded on prevention for 25 years; this common identity is an opportunity to assert the fame and the value of its brand.

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