Biopôle Clermont-Limagne | Riom Site: chronicle of a successful conversion process

The Biopole Clermont-Limagne has three sites respectively situated to Saint-Beauzire, Riom and Clermont-Ferrand, forming a set of more than 20 000 sqm of laboratories dedicated to the welcome of life sciences activities.

The Riom site is a former site of preclinical research belonging previously to the MSD group. It has been transferred in 2013 to the SMO Biopôle Clermont-Limagne which now offers the premises for rental to biotechnology companies.


The takeover of this site represented an ambitious project, considering the buildings size. The Riom Site is indeed endowed with a capacity of 12 000 sqm on a park of about 4 hectares, with as main asset the high level of equipment of its infrastructures : 7 000 sqm of laboratories furnished in accordance with GLP/GMP standards (analytical laboratories, production laboratories, 1200 sqm of animal housing) and 5000 sqm of offices and storage,  enables to meet real property needs of companies, whatever their size.


SMO biopole Clermont-Limagne achieves on the Riom site a very satisfactory occupancy level today: about 70 % of premises are already invested by about ten companies and hundred employees.
Health, chemistry, environment, bio-computing … these companies offer a new life to these buildings which contitutes a development opportunity for one of the rising sectors of our territory.


Discovery of innovative treatments against persistent infections.

Fee For Services and R&D in pharmacology of pain.

Green Chemistry company that designs and develops innovative processes to rethink the life cycle of plastics.

Engineering office specialized in expertise/consulting on natural environment (habitats, fauna and flora).

Development of a technology of in vivo messenger RNA delivery to prevent and treat various diseases.

Service company specialized in: bioinformatics, IOT for laboratories, and secure e-commerce website.

High value added fine chemistry for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and biotechnological industry.

Research and Development in cosmetic products.

Innovative nutritional solutions for preventing cardiometabolic diseases and provision of nutritional support for patients.