Biorefinery: AFYREN inaugurated its pilot plant

On 10 March, AFYREN, the start-up that created a biorefinery coupling biology and green chemistry, inaugurated its pilot plant. It proves a satisfactory functioning of its process who transforms the coproducts of agro-industry into resources of interest 100 % from organic-source.
Afyren now produces its first pre-commercial batch of molecules, on the scale of about ten kilograms.
With six families of patents, AFYREN designed an innovative and strong process combining fermentation, extraction and synthesis. THE AFYNERIE® values the nonfood biomass in molecules, usually made from the oil.
The fundraising announced at the end of 2015 contributed to the installation of an experimental biorefinery of several cubic meters. The first significant batches have been produced and estimated. It is about ten kilograms of organic acids from two to six atoms of carbons. These molecules of interest and their derivatives are very wide-spread in the chemistry industries, the cosmetic and the food-processing industry.
For Nicolas Sordet, the new CEO of AFYREN, this proof of concept is a new very important stage in the development of the company: “these first pilot scale are a pre-industrial validation of our technology and its robustness. The degree of purity of the obtained molecules is in compliance with the requirements of the market and were certified 100 % from organic-source according to existing standards. Our industrial partners are now going to be able to test them to integrate them into their assembly lines”.
In the coming months, AFYREN is going to make increase in power its production to reach hundred kilograms of molecules from organic-source and will start the first sales.
The company is faithful to its development plan whose objective is to finish an industrial platform of biorefinery in 2019.


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