CARBIOS announced the publication of an article on its enzymatic recycling technology in the prestigious scientific journal Nature.

CARBIOS  announced the publication of an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, entitled “An engineered PET-depolymerase to break down and recycle plastic bottles”, a recognition of the quality of the research led by CARBIOS and TBI laboratory scientists in developing a PET recycling enzyme and a revolutionary process.

The article describes the development of a novel enzyme, which can biologically depolymerize all polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic waste, followed by an extremely efficient recycling into new bottles. PET is the most common thermoplastic polymer and is used to manufacture bottles, polyester clothing fibers, food containers, and various thermoformed packaging and components. Carbios’ recycling process, the first of its kind, initiates a real transition to a circular economy and can better prevent plastic pollution from harming our oceans and planet. This innovative technology also paves the way for recycling PET fibers, another major challenge in guaranteeing a clean and protected environment for future generations.

For Carbios and TBI, this is a real honor to be recognized by one of the most highly respected scientific journals in the world.


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