METEX produces with its industrial demonstrator the first Glycolic Acid of natural origin

METabolic EXplorer has obtained, at the demonstrator scale, the first biosourced samples of Glycolic Acid intended primarily for cosmetic markets. With this first glycolic acid of natural origin, the portfolio of METEX expands a new process with pre-industrial maturity for a premium product in a market in search of naturalness.

Today, Glycolic Acid is exclusively produced by petrochemical processes. METEX is the first company in the world to validate, at the industrial demonstrator stage, an alternative and patented process based on fermentation. It is a major differentiating factor for addressing cosmetic markets as a priority.
The characterization of this first AG of natural origin cosmetic grade will allow the validation of its performance in the formulation of dermo-cosmetic products. This step will also make it possible to freeze the process for the manufacture of batches which will be used to sample, in the first half of 2021, the market participants interested in substituting, in their formulas, the petrochemical AG with the same active ingredient of natural origin.

The Glycolic Acid is a reference active anti-aging used in cosmetics and is also a precursor of 2 biodegradable polymers: PGA (Poly Glycolic Acid) and PLGA (Poly Lactic co-Glycolic Acid). The biodegradability of the polymer is determined by the proportion of glycolic acid incorporated. This property is valued today in medical applications for the manufacture of self-absorbing surgical yarns and tomorrow for the manufacture of 100% bio-sourced plastics with shortened life cycles.

Taken together, the global glycolic acid market is valued at more than €130 million in 20201. METEX is targeting a market whose growth, estimated at between 5 and 10%, could accelerate with a first biosourced solution. New applications, particularly in biodegradable bioplastics, represent additional growth potential.
Already, METabolic EXplorer pursues two objectives: a clean industrialization of technology at the end of 2021 to the cosmetics market, and the preparation of industrial partnerships for polymer applications in the first place for the high value-added medical sector.


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