Solunatures: natural technics and solutions, alternatives to phytopesticide and antibiotic treatments.

Specialized in the development and the marketing of alternative solutions to phytopesticide and antibiotic treatments, the company Solu’Nature joined the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne this fall 2017.

The innovative solutions proposed by Solu’Nature are particularly relevant for the arboricultural sector and gardening, beekeeping, or even animal health. The company is working on alternative solutions to conventional treatments that allow a rational use of phytopesticide treatments, fertilizers, or antibiotics.

Solu’ Nature so proposes a range of probiotics intended for the poultry and the rabbits and for the young ruminants, the piglets and the foals, allowing to decrease drastically the use of antibiotics.

The company also works on hygiene in livestock building, nourishing and protection of bees and plant protection and fertilization.

For all these specialities, Solu’ Nature addresses both the professionals and the general public.


Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
Yvon Darignac