With Soludiag and Nanosolution, Aptys Pharmaservices evaluates and improves the solubility and availability of active ingredients.

Aptys Pharmaservices, a subsidiary of Aptys Pharmaceuticals, has specialized as an expert CRO in galenic formulation, analytical development and quality control in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) environment.

With its ability to innovate and solve formulation problems, Aptys Pharamaservices now offers two innovative approaches to solving the solubility and bioavailability problems of active ingredients.

Many biotech and pharmaceutical companies are facing problems of solubility of their candidate molecules. It is a problem in terms of their bioavailability, which could be summarized as the molecule’s ability to reach its pharmacological target.

Also, in the early stage of development, companies have small quantities of product, preventing the establishment of conventional protocols.

To address this double problem, Aptys Pharmaservices offers two technologies, Soludiag and Nanosolution.

Soludiag is a fast, sequenced and low-matter-consuming solution. It makes it possible to evaluate the solubility of the molecule in about twenty conditions of solvents and co-solvents compatible with a pre-clinical and clinical use but also to find conditions to formulate these molecules and make them more bioavailable.

Nanosolution is a technique that optimizes the conditions for particle size reduction, thus increasing the bioavailability of insoluble molecules. Nanosolution has the advantage of being able to test many compositions in a single step and using little material.


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