17 additional daycare places in the Tipipôle day-nursery

The company crèche Tipipôle on the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne (Saint-Beauzire site) welcomes the children of the employees of the Biopole since 2013. The crèche is managed by Jour de Crèche and is run in partnership with the family allowances fund and the businesses.

While 23 children, aged 2 months to 4 years, benefited from its services, the day-nursery got bigger to be able to welcome a total of 40 children.

Tipipôle inaugurated its new premises on April 5th of this year. A new room of activities, three dormitories, as well as a motricity room and a room dedicated to hands-on activities came to complete the existing equipments: 250 m2 which doubled the surface of Tipipôle.

Biopôle Clermont-Limagne