ASL at the heart of research

Established on the Bioparc Vichy-Hauterive, Applications Santé des Lipides (ASL) is a company specializing in the field of Nutrition Health and Lipids. It develops egg-products (whole eggs, egg white or a yolk) as a liquid, or powder rich in omega-3 (DHA, docosahexaenoic acid).

By using extracts of egg products, ASL is able to propose glycerophospholipids (LPG) with a purity of 95% or more, with a DHA content of 15% in their fatty acids, with the particularity of being a very Specific in this Omega 3 fatty acid: GPL-DHA®.

The strategy of ASL is to enhance the GPL-DHA® through clinical studies in the field of health applications in collaboration with research centers and to bring its scientific know-how in the field of Health Nutrition. The information provided by ASL is based on a critical analysis of the most recent scientific publications. A patent for the treatment of respiratory insufficiency has been filed.

The scientific team of ASL has been working for nearly 20 years in the fields of omega 3 fatty acids in basic and applied research.

ASL is aimed at the healthcare, food supplement and agri-food markets for the private The ADL team provides its expertise in :

  • scientific studies in order to validate nutritional products and develop new products with nutritional or health claims,
  • the initiation and monitoring of nutritional studies,
  • the study of the fatty acid composition and lipid classes;
  • the conduct of customers’ R&D projects
  • the patent protection,
  • the supply of an innovative and patented  oméga3, the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the form of phospholipids: the GPL-DHA, the natural extract obtained from egg.


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