Alphanosos announces international partnership with Eurofragance.

Spanish fragrance house Eurofragance and the French Green-Bio-Deep-Tech company Alphanosos have entered into a shared risks and rewards collaboration to uncover new exclusive technologies to address unpleasant odors.

The collaboration will bring together the perfumery expertise of Eurofragance and the cutting-edge, AI-powered bio sciences of Alphanosos.  The stated objective of the collaboration is to uncover complex fragrance solutions for bio-originated disagreeable body and musty smells. They aim to offer real life solutions that can be applied in everyday consumer products and to propose new proven claims to manufacturers marketing products against malodors in the home and personal care segments.

Eurofragance’s toolbox to counteract malodors

Eurofragance, the global perfumery house headquartered in Spain, creates fragrances and fragrance-related technologies for fine perfumery, air, home and personal care products.  In particular, the multinational develops innovations to counteract unpleasant smells.

Eurofragance has recently introduced EuroPure™, its malodor counteraction platform, leveraging a portfolio of mechanisms to offer a broad range of solutions for brands promising consumer well-being and reassurance.  Certain malodors are generated by bio processes, that can occur on skin, fabrics and other surfaces.  Rather than dealing with malodors once they are present, Eurofragance is seeking new solutions to address the problem at its source.

In this collaboration, Eurofragance counts on the R&D Scientists in its own Innovation Center, an extensive knowledge of fragrance raw materials, evaluation protocols and consumer insights.  Moreover, it offers its deep experience in integrating complex technical solutions into perfumes to delight consumers.

Alphanosos, managing complexity in biosciences

Alphanosos, the French Green-Bio-Deep Tech company, uses its proprietary AI algorithms to assemble natural or chemical non-pharma ingredients resulting in patentable blends with strong biological activities for cosmetic and food applications, a prelude to Alphanosos’ subsequent objectives in human health and pharmaceutical applications.  Its first patented natural mixes are already used in commercial products and are to be further evaluated in several microorganisms-related diseases.

Alphanosos was co-founded by Pascal Mayer, recipient of the 2022 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences.  The company’s philosophy is to modulate biological activities with complex mixes of safe compounds acting on the metabolism of microorganisms and cells.


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