IPC joins the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne

The Industrial Technical Center 3S’inPACK joined in september IPC, the Industrial Technical Center dedicated to innovation in plastics and composite materials. Until now based in Aubière (63), the team that was working under the auspices of 3S’inPack now constitutes the 5th IPC unit in France and settles on the Saint-Beauzire site on the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne.

IPC supports companies, in particular SMEs and micro businesses, solving their problems linked to plastic and composite materials. The center is interfering in R&D, innovation, technological and competences transfer.

It draws on the France’s Plastic Processing Federation and its unions, and develops partnerships with technical and scientific actors: competitiveness clusters and technical centers, universities and engineering schools.

IPC employs nearly 125 people in France, located in Chambéry, Laval, Oyonnax, Alençon and now Clermont-Ferrand, whose site enhance its expertise, with packaging as a key point.

The 3S’inPACK competence around the “packaging + product” duo will be carried out again in IPC: Food and Environmental Safety, stability of packaged products, functional and sensorial quality. The team’s interventions rely on an expertise gained over the last 20 years in the fields of food packaging: analyses, tests, diagnostics, expertise, technological watch, innovation and design and eco-design. Digital technologies enable it to make predictions linked to the “packaging + product” duo, calculations and modeling to realize risk analysis and to develop eco-design.