January 2019: Alphanosos starts the commercialization of Effiskin®, the first veterinary hygiene product based around an active elaborated using Artificial Intelligence

Alphanosos is proud to announce the availability of its first non-registered commercial product resulting from its AI based discovery efforts: Effiskin® lotion, a purifying hygiene product adapted to pyoderma prone skins and developed based on human dermo-cosmetic standards for demanding vets and dog owners. It is formulated around Synherbs®16P926, an EffiSkin® exclusivity. Additional veterinary hygiene products will be launched throughout 2019.

Synherbs®16P926 is a patent pending WECMEP (Water Extract of Complex Mix of Edible Plants) which has been elaborated scientifically using Alphanosos’ genuine Artificial Intelligence based discovery methodologies. It allowed for the first time to discover purifying synergies among many billion edible plant mixes possibilities. This 100% natural active is obtained using processes without chemical solvents and is extremely environment-friendly. Associated to a natural thickener, Synherbs®16P926 creates a favorable environment on the dog’s skin so that persistent irritation sources can be resolved efficiently and naturally. Effiskin® also contains natural restructuring and moisturizing agents to improve skin hydration (superficial epidermal layers).

Effiskin®’s innocuity has been evaluated under veterinary control and an efficacy study is being initiated with a French veterinary school. User’s testimonies updates are available on our product page and brochure.

This product starts being available through veterinaries, pharmacies and additional pet professionals in different countries, starting with France and Switzerland. Contact us for knowing your nearest distributor at contact@alphanosos.com. Additional distribution agreements are under discussion and some countries are still available for exclusive distribution.


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