AFYREN raises 21 million euros to move into its industrial development phase

AFYREN, which produces high-value bio-based building blocks to manufacture acids using fermentation technologies, has confirmed the production of bio-based organic acids on a pre-industrial scale for use with multiple applications.

AFYREN’s exclusive proprietary technology makes it possible to produce organic building blocks, previously obtained almost exclusively from petroleum products, using different types of agro-industry products without competing with the food production chain and without generating waste. Using a circular economy, AFYREN transforms different types of biomass into 7 different organic acids that are 100% biosourced and with between 2 and 6 carbons. Thanks to the organic acids’ levels of purity, without use of GMOs, and their natural characteristics, AFYREN is able to target markets that require very high standards of quality, from cosmetics to flavors and fragrances, human and animal nutrition, and even fine chemicals.

This major capital increase is combined with an already secured program to finance AFYREN’s first plant in France, for which design and development plans are already underway. In line with its established strategy, this 60 million euro financing package will enable AFYREN to launch the commercialization of its seven organic natural acids within the next two years.


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