Les Laboratoires Euromoor settle in at the Bioparc Vichy

“The base and key ingredient appearing across our range of products is a naturally occurring substance born during the ice age. Dark in colour and rich in Colloidal minerals, it is derived from a peat bed (Moor) situated near Wells Austria” says Managing Director Antoine B. Galazzo.
Euromoor’s focus is centred around the ongoing research being conducted into the properties of the Moor and the benefits it can deliver to our everyday lives.
Our principal activities involve working with the bioactive in the Moor to develop, produce and distribute a range of Personal Care, Spa products which are all aimed at supporting healthy living and a true inner beauty.
Major products currently being redeveloped and evolving to suit European and Northern countries include : a detox bar for daily use, Tonic water, Balms, body milk, day and night creams as well as products using the Moor in its natural form that includes : a mask, bath and elixir used as a daily mineral supplement.
We equally support our clients with education programs into the natural sciences surrounding this precious ingredient and the many benefits it will deliver.


Bioparc Vichy Hauterive
Contact : Antoine Galazzo |antoine@euromoor.com