The Maison Moinet, traditional high-quality artisanal production in France since 1852

Since 1852, the production workshop has been located behind the shop, rue de la Source de l’Hôpital in Vichy. In 2020, our artisanal products are still made there: glazed bonbons, nougats, caramels, pralines and chocolates.
Moinet, with the shop sign ‘chocolate maker and confectioner’, was founded in 1852 in Vichy.
In 1993, they opened a second shop in Vichy, ‘Côté Sucré’, rue Georges Clemenceau.
After opening a shop in Paris in 2015, in Clermont-Ferrand in 2016, and an ice cream parlour in Vichy in 2017, Moinet started an e-commerce activity in September 2018.
In their on-line shop you will find Moinet’s best products: caramels, glazed bonbons, gum drops, chocolates, fruit jellies, candied chestnuts, nougats, barley sugars, and Vichy Pastilles.
You can also purchase a historical book on Moinet, postcards, and a reproduction of their famous “Bourbonnaise” publicity card.
The pastilles are manufactured at Hauterive, on the Bioparc Vichy business park since 1998, just a short distance away from the original factory. Offices and the production area cover 1,440m2 , with 1,860m2 in total on two floors. The production area is split into three zones: production, packaging and storage. Around 850mt of pastilles are produced every year.


Bioparc Vichy-Hauterive
Phone: +33 470 591 925