METabolic EXplorer negociates with Ajinomoto to acquire Europe’s largest site producing amino acids by fermentation

METabolic EXplorer has entered into negotiations with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. with a view to acquiring its European subsidiary Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe (AANE), Europe’s top producer of amino acids by fermentation for animal nutrition. The new METEX organization (including AANE and METEX NØØVISTA) would comprise 450 employees with annual production capacities of more than 100 kt at Amiens and 6 kt of PDO (1-3 propanediol) and BA (butyric acid) at Carling Saint-Avold.

With the Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe site, METEX acquires the leading European site for the production of amino acids by fermentation, a highly automated manufacturing infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies in fermentation and extraction/purification and a unique know-how in the field of bioproduction powered by a team with extensive skills and experience from applicative R&D up to fermentation processes using 500 m³ fermenters. METEX also acquires sales force with expertise in the animal nutrition market with a top-notch distribution network and a comprehensive technology portfolio under exclusive licences for the essential amino acids for animal nutrition in the European, African and Middle Eastern territories.

The new METEX organisation would incorporate the Group’s well-established upstream R&D and pre-industrial demonstration expertise and, downstream, the manufacturing infrastructure, sales force and distribution networks of AANE and METEX NØØVISTA.

METEX would bring its expertise in the development of bioprocesses to manufacture functional ingredients in high-value-added markets. Having invested over €90m in R&D since its inception, METEX has acknowledged expertise in developing patented fermentation strains and managing processes at the pre-industrial stage.

The plan is a major step forward for METEX in its goal to become a leader in the global market for naturally derived functional ingredients made through fermentation.

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