METabolic EXplorer presents its new development project and discloses its new ambitions.

The METabolic Explorer technological process, oil-free, pollution-free production of consumer products (textiles, plastics, animal feed, etc.) having similar or higher performance, with better competitive cost conditions.

This breakthrough solution whereby the same process can be used for making two different products (butyric acid and PDO). It addresses various markets, the two main ones being animal feed, with butyric acid, and cosmetics, with PDO.

METabolic EXplorer has presented its ambitions: become the market leader for natural butyric acid (BA) for animal feed and become the benchmark producer of GMO-free PDO (1,3 propanediol) for cosmetics applications.

To fulfil these ambitions, METEX plans to build a PDO/AB production facility.
The direct industrial production of its products will allow METabolic Explorer to keep the whole of the value generated by its technology.

METEX wishes to build a production facility having a 24 kt capacity, in two stages: an initial 6 kt section (5 kt of PDO and 1 kt of butyric acid), and a second 18 kt phase (15 kt of PDO and 3 kt of butyric acid).
Construction work should start toward the end of the first half of 2018 (with a latitude of around three months). By this time the company will have selected the prime contractor, project management assistance and financial partners for the project.

METEX is targeting an eventual 20% share of the market for naturel butyric acid in animal feed, a 50% share of the market for PDO in cosmetics, and a 40% share of the market for PDO in the PTT textile market.


METabolic EXplorer
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