The ICARE Group announces the acquisition of the companies LEMI and PHYCHER Bio Development from the CASSOUS Group.

With this new acquisition the Icare Group confirms its strategy of external growth and development of its service offer in a medical field deemed to be of strategic importance, given the evidence of the complementarity of the three structures to meet the needs of its clients and regulatory developments, in France and International.
ICARE is an international group with 4 specialized subsidiaries: Laboratoire ICARE, ICARE Validation, Laboratoire ICARE SWITZERLAND (in Switzerland) and MEDLAB (in Brazil). Service provider, expert in contamination control for industrial health stakeholders, its main activity is to ensure the safety of health products in compliance with regulations.

The group offers :

• Life sciences (Medical Device and pharma Testing): laboratory analysis, microbiology, physical and chemical test results, characterization, tests on packaging…
• Validation Qualification: Process, production and laboratory equipment, software, shipping validation, assistance in the formulation of strategies, drafting of protocols and reports, test performance…
• Technical assistance: assistance and training programs related to regulatory requirements, technical assistance, regulatory assistance, and monitoring …
• R&D: custom development of innovative processes and products, tailored test facility, optimization…

The laboratories LEMI and PHYCHER Bio développement round out this offer via the following services:

• biological Risk Assessment (BRA)
• cytotoxicity according to ISO 10993-5
• Acute toxicity in the mouse according to ISO 10993-11
• irritation in rabbits according to ISO 10993-10
• sensitizing reaction in guinea pigs according to ISO 10993-10…

The ensemble ICARE, LEMI and PHYCHER Bio développement provides a technical answer to all biocompatibility tests, in particular, according to ISO 10993.
The mission of ICARE through its services enables “Partner” clients to have the assurance that the device or product manufactured is placed on the market in compliance with regulatory and normative requirements.


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