Valbiotis: preclinical results for TOTUM.070 in hypercholesterolemia, selected and presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) annual meeting.

TOTUM.070 is an innovative active substance based on a combination of 5 plant extracts, designed to reduce LDL cholesterol, a cardiovascular risk factor and the primary cause of atherosclerosis. It is developed for people with mild to moderate, untreated hypercholesterolemia.
Two in-depth studies on TOTUM.070 conducted jointly by Valbiotis’ preclinical platform and the University of Leiden (Netherlands), have been selected by the annual meeting of the AHA, the leading American learned society in the cardiovascular field.
Results show a dose-dependent reduction of 38 to 47% of “bad” cholesterol* (including LDL cholesterol) by TOTUM.070, as well as a reduction of total cholesterol and blood triglycerides, in two in vivo models predictive of human physiology.
These first data are in favor of a multi-target mode of action of TOTUM.070, with revealed effects on the gut and liver, involving lipid metabolism and inflammation.
These excellent results are very promising for the clinical development of TOTUM.070 in hypercholesterolemia: the Phase II HEART clinical study, which has completed enrolment, will deliver its results in the second quarter of 2022, with LDL cholesterol reduction as the primary endpoint.


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